About Pacha Mara

Within the Canadian mining industry, Pacha Resources specializes in identifying and vetting grassroots through to near production grade assets. We also offer niche financing for small and medium scale projects. Our sphere of business activity and operations includes Latin America and Europe with a primary focus on exploration and development in Bolivia.

Linking Mining and Investment Communities across the Globe

As the resource cycle comes full circle in response to growing industrial demand for mineral commodities, Pacha provides a reliable conduit between equity financing groups and concession owners in the region. We connect Latin American assets with Canadian and global public market financing and listing vehicles to facilitate international investment opportunities.

Value-added Approach

We do the vetting and road testing to prove a property’s potential for exploration and development saving the miner time and money. Pacha reduces pre-development costs and mitigates the geological and political risk by undertaking its own due diligence, streamlining the process for identifying economically viable projects on behalf of its clients.

Strategic Alliances

Pacha has aligned itself with some of the top specialists in the Americas and Europe to define Orogenic, Cordilleran polymetallic as well as lithium deposits available for development.

Pacha has extensive experience in Latin America and typically assembles a dedicated management team of professionals in the respective host countries that ensures a comprehensive and transparent management approach to mining exploration and development.


Within our corporate mandate PRI adheres to the “Principles of Responsible Mineral Development” and, and we strive to continually improve our performance. From property acquisitions to advanced exploration we keep a close eye on the social, financial, and environmental benefits and risks of our business. Our goal is international best practices in all our projects, which are socially responsible, in Canada and around the world.

In support of CSR we are also strong proponents of anti-corruption measures for the countries in which we operate and are a signatory of the Canadian Government’s Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (CFPOA).

Also as part of our nascent CSR programme In Bolivia, Pacha has also aligned itself with Blue Earth Foundation.