Why Bolivia?

Bolivia is a country with a long mining heritage and today’s existing industry is a vibrant one. Some of the major are well established and have been able to operate successfully and unfettered by the leftist administration Evo Morales including Sumitomo, Coeur de Laine, Orvana, and Pan American Silver.

Notwithstanding its turbulent political history and the impact on foreign investment in the past, the government has come to the realization that it must more actively promote investment in the mining sector. With diminishing royalties from the oil gas sector due to weak commodity prices, the government has had to liberalize trade and reform certain key sectors including mining in order to attract foreign investors and bolster the economy.

Pacha Resources has mitigated much of the business risk sometimes associated with Bolivia by virtue of the quality of its management Our local, hands-on team has over 80 years of combined experience in mining law, geology, exploration, and development.

As a country considered by many geologists to be the most mineralogically endowed on the planet, Bolivia remains hugely unexplored. According to the most recent data from Ministry of Mines and Minerals, of the total territory considered by Bolivian officials to be of geological significance, only 10% has been staked and or concessioned.

After years of neglect by international investors due to the perceived political risk associated with the Morales government, Bolivia is slowly making its way back into the mainstream of the international mining community.

Although Bolivia is not uppermost in minds of the investment community minds as the next Ecuador in Latin America a country is moving to more overtly pro-investment stance it is gaining traction with the equity.


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Pacha has signed a JV agreement with SIBELCO, a major European industrial materials producer, to study the Lithium extraction from its Kaolin mica waste dumps….


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